The Audio Concepts Story


Where Magic Happens

Welcome to our neighborhood: At Audio Concepts, we are passionate about music and movies and this passion is the foundation of our business. This love for the arts (music and film) is evident in everything we do, we strive to find and sell the best, affordable home entertainment systems.

Our mission is to provide you with services, products, and designs to best bring to life the passion of each systems performance and showing. This is what we call "where magic happens."

This starts with consulting, design, sales, installation, and programming. Our experienced team is right at home with new construction or retrofit projects big and small. We are here to offer sensible advice to achieve "the magic" of the performance.

We offer a wide array of home entertainment systems ranging from traditional stereo to wireless streaming audio; from a dedicated listening room or home theater to whole-house distributed audio/video. We then can complete this all with control of the Audio Video as well as the sub-systems such as lighting & HVAC.

A Passion for Audio/Video and Knowledge of the Product

It stands to reason that the best equipment produces the best results. Audio/video is our only business, so we deal with the finest mainstream manufacturers in the world-because we believe you will come to know the difference quality makes. We have not gone to the nose bleed end of gear though, we live in the real world of providing “musically awesome “systems for every budget.

In order for you to get a better feel for the performance of the components, our demonstration rooms are designed to simulate the acoustics and dimensions one might find in a home. We show you in real world environments.

We have a passion for audio/video and knowledge of the products that can’t be matched. We’ve got the answers, and we ask the right questions, so we can assist you in putting together the best system possible.

People Worth Knowing

At Audio Concepts, you’ll find and experienced and attentive sales staff offering sensible advice. We’ll listen to your needs, then assemble the right combination of equipment to ensure that you make a wise investment of lasting value.

How Does Your Office Sound?

We’re experts on sound systems for offices, waiting rooms, restaurants and workshops. Call and we’ll be glad to stop by to discuss your commercial needs.